By Publishing Xpress

Professional photography can be tricky, not only to capture, but also to print. Ensuring that color translates correctly from screen to paper takes some practice in understanding color and digital print. Our client, PLWS Photography Group, seems to have done their homework, because their photography book of phenomenal graffiti art came out fantastic!

PLWS Photography Group is operated by artists, who share a common goal of creating art through photography. Through collaboration with other artists, they create, build, and develop projects that not only further their passion for photography, but also benefit their local art community.

Due to the thickness of this book, as well as the paper stock chosen by PLWS, this photography book was a bit on the heavier side. Not necessarily a bad thing in this case. Each page was filled with high-resolution photographs of big, colorful, and eccentric graffiti art. Some pages had full spread art pieces that actually lined up perfectly in the spine area. This was some great detail-oriented design work. Very well done. The look and feel of the book was very ritzy, professional, and sturdy. What’s not to like?  Read more below.

Photography Book Printing: Spotlight on PLWS Photography Group